The Rochdale Christmas Toy Appeal | Rochdale Riverside

The Rochdale Christmas Toy Appeal

We are pleased to partner with Rochdale Council and their charity – Giving Back – where we are asking Rochdale residents to help disadvantaged families in the community.

The Rochdale Christmas Toy Appeal is a way of spreading a little festive magic, ensuring children who have had the hardest of years have a gift to open. Recent times have resulted in a real period of struggle for local families so any contribution, no matter the size or price of the gift, are greatly appreciated.

By giving back, we’re helping Rochdale develop into a place where people feel valued and part of a real community that look out for each other. The charity know through their work with food banks and the community that there are many day-to-day challenges felt by many local families so it will be a difficult time for them this Christmas. However, Giving Back are making sure that all the support is going to the families who need it most.

So, what gift or toy should you consider getting?

  • Something new
  • Preferably not gift wrapped
  • Suitable for a child aged 0–16 years old

Also, please think about the environment when buying your gift. With the current climate emergency, Rochdale Riverside are committed to do more to protect the planet.

  • Try to avoid single use plastics
  • Look for toys made of sustainable materials
  • Go for an eco-friendly brand or support a local shop
  • Consider buying an educational toy that will help children develop practical skills

Giving Back are also particularly keen to receive presents for teenagers in Rochdale, as they don’t usually get as many gifts in this age group as they do for others.

Here at Riverside, we have a designated drop-off point for anyone who wants to get involved, which can be found in the Management Office located on level 1 of the Leisure Foyer opposite Puttstars.

Thank you for getting involved, Rochdale!