Rochdale’s transport strategy: travelling with ease in the borough

Alongside the massive developmental changes happening across Greater Manchester, investment in Rochdale has never been stronger. We recently covered the digital revolution that’s swept the borough, Rochdale Riverside is leading the charge from a retail and leisure standpoint with our £80m development and the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework has been released showcasing all of the development opportunities coming our way by 2037.

Important to the success of all of this, however, is the transport infrastructure of our town. Rochdale is fortunate to have a myriad of transportation options, allowing businesses to thrive and residents to commute with ease.

In this entry, we’re going to look at Rochdale’s transport strategy and the UK-wide changes that might change the way you commute.


Our current transport offering

Right in the heart of the town lies the Rochdale Interchange, a veritable hub of movement that allows for quick and easy access in and out of the town centre. In 2013 the Interchange went through a redevelopment which has seen it integrate a new bus station which runs in tandem with the Metrolink services that run throughout the day.

Rochdale’s Metrolink station and train station take you directly into Manchester City Centre, home to Piccadilly Train Station, Oxford Road Station and Victoria Station – the entirety of the UK is on our doorstep, thanks to one simple Metrolink/train ride into the city centre.

And if you’re looking for an even quicker jaunt, Rochdale has numerous independent taxi services and is an operational Uber zone.


Rochdale’s transport strategy

The Rochdale Borough Transport Strategy is a framework to guide the development of transport improvements across the borough for the period up to 2026. It looks into the schemes and projects that should be made priority to improve transport throughout the region. This fluid document will be used as an anchor to lobby for transport improvements and support bids for transport funding.

The vision, according to Rochdale Borough Council, is: “By 2026, Rochdale Borough will have a safe, affordable, sustainable, reliable, accessible and integrated transport network that offers travel choice for all, serves its communities, tackles air quality and climate change, enhances social inclusion, public health and supports the regeneration and economic growth of the local area.”

To see the full strategy as a PDF, click here.


Cheaper fares for all

A new proposition from British rail companies has been released, in which ‘customers only pay for what they need and are always charged the best value fare.’

If accepted and launched, the proposals would bring the ‘tap-in, tap-out’ pay as you go structure that currently runs in London, to Greater Manchester, introducing a price-capping system that currently doesn’t exist outside of the capital city.

The proposals have come about following the biggest ever public consultation into what people want from rail fares – nearly 20,000 people across Britain had their say, including almost 300 in Greater Manchester.

To find out more about this exciting, money-saving change, click here.


Get in touch

With our already strong infrastructure, Rochdale’s transport strategy and the potential for a decrease in rail fares, things are looking positive across the borough.

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