The importance of Rochdale’s regeneration

Regeneration – bringing life back to unloved areas and generating prosperous opportunities for the future. Seeing the possibilities of economic and social growth within a town centre is all it takes to get the ball rolling, generate investment and begin to see a shift in reputation and allure.

Regeneration is what’s happening across Rochdale right now. Our project alone is a prime example – Rochdale Riverside is a new £80 million retail and leisure hub, bringing 24 new retail and leisure units to the town centre, and we’re proud to say that we’ll be contributing £17m a year to the local economy once we’re complete.

But we’re not alone in the regeneration plans in Rochdale. Some other key changes happening include:

  • Plans to develop 12,000 homes in the area to accommodate for the growing town
  • Rochdale Council are creating a £250 million masterplan to completely transform Rochdale Town Centre, including new council offices, a library and the extension of the Metrolink service
  • Rochdale’s transport links are about to have a refresh following the release of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. Some of the huge plans for its transport infrastructure can be found here


But amongst all of this innovation, it’s important to remember that regeneration isn’t necessarily about changing a town, but about taking what’s good about it and modifying it to keep up with our changing society.

Rochdale has a deep culture and is full of iconic architecture and heritage. An exciting part of the town’s regeneration is the renovation of some of these buildings, in particular the stunning gothic town hall, which is being given £16 million worth of investment.

Drake Street is another example of utilising the town’s strong assets, as it gets set to bring a number of its historic buildings back into use as both housing and business locations.

We actually wrote a blog about the importance of keeping our town centres alive this year, which you can read here!


And our town isn’t a guinea pig when it comes to regeneration – the method has been tried and tested for years, in the UK and further afield. A neighbouring example is Altrincham.

In 2010, Altrincham town centre was home to the most unoccupied shop units in the UK, but since undergoing a massive regeneration it’s been completely changed. Altrincham had millions invested to transform the town, opening over 26 new bars and restaurants which have fostered a now booming nightlife. Because of this investment, Altrincham has become a more affluent area of Greater Manchester/Cheshire, and it continues to thrive – an exciting example of what’s to come for Rochdale.

As Manchester city centre expands, it’s more important than ever that surrounding areas expand at the same rate to accommodate. Rochdale’s regeneration is already having exceptional effects on the town’s economy, and this transformative era will deliver prosperity for years to come.


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